Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

new things make everyone happier.

Today I bought new gadgets or get some via post.

First is my new waterfilled pillow. It should remove my headache and is for relaxing my neck-muscles. We'll see. I'll test it with three litres of water inside now, medium level. It is by the firm Mediflow, and it's 40 x 80 cm big. I bought it on amazon for 33,90 €, not that cheap. But I bought it on Monday and today it arrived.

My next new gadget are the vibram five fingers shoes. Their promise? You can walk and run like barefoot (with more safety) and grow the muscles in your feet. It should be healthier.
One of my goals were to go running more. So my feet are going to used to the new shoes slowly, but I think it will be a good way to pay the attention my body needed for a long time. My size in them are the bigger size 38 I have, and not this one I got in more shoes (37). They fit very good and the feeling in them is exciting.
They cost 139,90€ plus socks for 10€. But I paid 96€ for all.  Maybe this was a good decision. I hope so...

The next two things are books I bought in the last days.
The first one is a book by Mark Lauren and is called (like his motto): "You are your own gym." and with this he will declare that the body is the only weight you need for your fitness. The book is full of healthy food plans and firstly sport plans. So maybe he can change my lifestyle and my body, I hope so. haha.
I paid like 16 € for it.
The other book I bought is "Vegan for lazy people". It is an german book with lot of vegan meals, which are easier than I'd ever thought. So let's try. :-)

So here we are.
Look at the first of my many orders. ;-)

The next days, the next things will arrive, so I will blog about them.
And also about my experiences with these ones.

Stay strong, think thin, keep calm, drink tea.


Montag, 3. November 2014

All the girls are drunk, maybe so am I.

There is one good thing, I think since I met the boy in my old town, I just thought about falling in love..and I think maybe there is no feeling like love.
Perhaps you think, oh my god, what a bitch, but I'm not, I'm just beeing more realistic than I should maybe. And so I'm happy with no feelings for anyone anymore.

Today I tried the iCloud, because in a few days my new iPhone 5S will reach me and so I have to get all information from my old iPhone to my computer, I search for some other save methods for my data but I have to use the iCloud in the end. Annoying.

And I shopped so much online..and I just don't have the money for it, but I have to have it all.
It sounds mad I know. And I think about to start new again...and going study in summer - april.
And now I'm searching for possibilities for some subjects..maybe biology, art or music. We'll see.
I bought some new things. (: I will post the stuff tomorrow. Daylight and so on.

So keep calm, stay strong, think thin and be a heartbreaker.


Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

This was supposed to happen.

Today it is friday and I'm feeling this bad. My new year started with a trainee and living in Mannheim. But I broke up and now I'm livig at home again and work in a Kindergarten for one year. My wish for my near future is to get a scholarship for the United States for a university to study there: "voice". My relationship ended and so I began to think about a few of my friends, and I dont have the strength to fight for some of them anymore. I decided to give up everything. I decided to start new and I hope may be there are some things who'll help me, but my friends.. And I think all of this was supposed to happen, may be this is the point of no-return but I think to start new is a good idea and good for my karma, too. I will start to travel a lot, find new friends, and get my real goals back. I wanna fall in love but not on clouds, but hard. I wanna get tattooed for my own reasons and memories.I wanna get famous and get rich and so on, nothing matters anymore but my own goals. And I wanna find my inner peace. So tomorrow is a new day to be a better person than today. "Waiting for someone who tell me it's my turn to decide!"

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Stressed. Depressed. But well dressed.

In the last weeks, I was. But I think, that everything, well almost, will be brighter now. BECAUSE: There's someone new in my life <3 and everything looks great this time, but I'm ill. But I hope, I'll be healthy in a few days because I write some big tests and I don't want to miss them. I want to have tattoos, it would be "Hope" and an anchorand may be the elefant by dalí. For now. (: I started to watch a new series the day before yesterday. It's called Dexter. Tonight I watch the next episodes and I hope I'll like it then more than I liked after the first episode. (: In the next weeks there will be a few big tests in some subjects..the next is in religion and after that my hated-loved subject mathmatics. <'3 But I will learn how I never learned before, so I hope to get a good mark. I ordered some new clothes, when they're here, I will show you the things.<3 xoxo

Samstag, 2. März 2013

Birthday-Girl - Everything a hipster needs

Yesterday, on 1st March, there was my birthday. My friends came and we sit along in my living room. Almost everything was fun. But my mom wasn't so glad about, when she came home..
My other presents I'll get today but first these, which I got yesterday. (:

Everything a hipster needs - Club Mate. (: and sparkling wine <3

Muesli which is vegan, love my friends.<3

Socks to wear where everyone can see them. :D So cute.<3

Wool - so I can finally begin to knit

Nerdy glasses, which were part of the content of the tote bag.

My own hipster tote bag, with love from my friends and handpainted.<3

I'm so fucking proud of it. (:

My new shoes from my mom.<3

Clothes and some leggings from my mom.<3

We'll see what I'll get today from the rest of my family.
See ya. <3

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

I'm vegan and drink my coffee with soy milk.

Anything isn't great at this time. But I want to do something to make everything better.
In the musical in theatre I've got my role and if the main actress can't play I would. Sounds fantastically!
The first half year is over in my school time in the two last classes. So I can do more sports at the moment. It's Sunday. I'm vegan and drink my coffee with soy milk. (:
And I want to starve again. To be thin for my role and be perfect for the rest of my life. To be loved. And to have already someone who love me..I'd prefer he would, but he doesn't. So I'm in friendship with him and everything's okay now.
I'm still not over him..but I think I make the first steps to be.
So I begin to play bass guitar again and will learn guitar. And there's my band. Sounds cool, but it's not. haha. But we should play at my mom's birthday so we must learn some songs and write our own songs.
So everything's going to be okay now, well - I hope so..

And sorry that I don't write this long time.. ):